Price is per cm – if you order 50qty you will get a 50cm squeegee.

We’ve found what we think is the best blade for yardage printing! At 55 shore (the hardness of the rubber) the blade is flexible and malleable. This means it is more forgiving for soft surfaces as it increases ink saturation and ensures the ink is evenly distributed and fine details are captured.

The blade was specially developed and here at Publisher, we fell in love and noticed that our printing became better with this blade. Comfortable to hold, this is truly the superior option for squeegees.

We highly recommend adding on a squeegee holder ($10) to stop your squeegee from falling into the ink. We use a solvent resistant rubber and will attach it onto the handle for you.

Note: Your squeegee will come with a sharp blade which is perfect for knifing off solvent-based inks however, we recommend rounding the edges if using water-based inks for a bigger ink deposit.

All squeegees are made to order and have a 2–3-day turnaround time.

In store pick up:
All online pick-up orders can be collected from our Camperdown store, Thursday through Saturday 11am-5pm
To purchase inks, screens and other printing equipment instore, please contact us to make an appointment to visit our Leichhardt factory.

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